About Friends of Photography Group

The Friends of Photography Group (FoPG) is a film photography group based in Melbourne, Australia. It was formed in early 2015 over a weekend pinhole workshop, led by renowned photographer David Tatnall. Since then, the group has grown steadily in number and activities, and embraces film photography in all its glorious diversity. FoPG is open to all, and free to join!

FoPG focuses on three main types of activity:

Day/weekend excursions

In our very online age, these excursions are a great way to experience film photography in real life with a group of like-minded people. There is nothing quite like wrangling with your tripod, darkslides and light meter while perched on a rock in the middle of a stream. And it is fascinating to observe the processes other photographers undertake in order to make an image with their specific equipment. Less visible to the eye, but just as vital, is the exchange of knowledge that our excursions make possible – questions are happily answered, discussions are many and varied and experiences shared, all helping to build a vibrant community encouraging creativity and technical experimentation in our photographic endeavours.

Print viewings (and darkroom tours)

Making the photo on location is only part of the film photography equation. Another essential component is what happens afterwards in the darkroom. So FoPG holds regular print viewings at participants’ homes to show and discuss the results of our excursions. These are an opportunity to reflect upon both your own and others’ printed images, as well as receive insightful feedback. They are also a rare chance to visit different, home-based darkroom setups.

Group exhibitions

FoPG’s group exhibitions stem directly from our excursions and print viewings. They aim to engage the interest and imagination of the broader community with film photography and darkroom printing.

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